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What to Expect

Coaching is customized to your life and circumstances. Expect kindness, care, and encouragement as you talk with a financial coach. Your coach will ask about your past and what you've tried before to determine what tools will work best for you moving forward. Your finances will become less stressful as you take control of your money and follow your plan. Financial coaching isn't about giving you rules about how to spend your money, but about gaining control of where it goes. 

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This is a 30 minute session to get to know you and learn about your finances, sore spots, and dreams. If I can't help you progress towards your goals I will let you know and refer you if possible. If you decide to take the next step we'll schedule your first session! Schedule a free discovery call now!

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Attend a class to learn the basics and decide if you want more personal guidance. Once a month class to introduce personal finance topics and the first step towards your new financial life! Use the contact form to let me know ahead of time if you're coming and what questions you have or just show up. For the details click here.

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First Session

Sessions typically last 60 to 90 minutes. In the first session, we'll continue discussing what matters to you and typically I'll introduce you to tools that will help you gain clarity and organize your money. One session might be enough if you're looking for help getting set up using a new tool or if you like what you're doing, but want to make some adjustments and want to check in with someone about your current plan.

Bring your computer to this one and the following sessions. At the end of the session, you'll have the option to schedule another one or end coaching.

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Second Session

Usually, the second session is best if it's soon after the first in order to check in to see how the tools are working for you. Usually in the second session, we'll talk about any questions you have, discuss habits that lead to success, and make a plan for reaching your goals. We'll look at what you want to accomplish and how to prioritize it. We can also start digging deeper into specific topics relevant to your situation or ideas and concepts that will help you along the way to success.

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Following Sessions

In following sessions we'll continue discussing more in depth topics and add new ones, answer questions, talk about specific steps and behaviors to reach your goals and achieve the life you want. Between sessions, I'll be available to answer questions. 

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